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Claim Land (Creative Only)

To claim land on the server, stand in the middle of where you wish to claim your land and use the command /plot. All claimed plots can be seen in purple on the server map. Use this to see if your plot covers everything you wish to protect.


View all commands: /plot

Display plot boundary: /plot scan

Claim a plot: /plot claim

List your plots /plot list

List your friends' plots /plot flist

Teleport to plot /toplot [plotname]

Rename a plot: /plot rename [plotname]

Delete a plot: /plot free

Get plot details: /plot info

Add a player to plot: /plot trust [player]

Remove a player from plot: /plot untrust [player]

Increase plot size: /plot upgrade

Decrease plot size: /plot downgrade

Set plot center: /plot setcenter

Set plot spawn point: /plot setspawn